The connection of form, materials, color, images, graphics, typography, and regulatory information, in combination with your brand's tone of voice, is what revolves around the world of packaging; a world where grabbing your audiences' attention is key, but to be truly be memorable is priceless.
Mexico City, Mexico  |  2017
~ Brief: Redesign proposal for a line of spirulina tea sachets (sold as a package of mixed flavors) for customers of a multi-level nutrition company. The challenge was the need to keep all colors, information and graphics previously used.
~ Solution: Sachet mockups.
~ My role: Graphic design.

Sensient Flavors
Mexico City, Mexico  |  2016

~ Client: Barcel
~ Brief: Design proposal for a vintage line of popcorn with classic Mexican flavors, incorporating traditional flavors into practical snacks.
~ Solution: Packaging mockups.
~ My role: Graphic design.