These two subjects in the same category may seem a bit contradictory, as one of them is a graphic visual representation of information intended to be presented quickly and clearly, whilst the other can range between an infinite number of pages and not necessarily present any graphics whatsoever. In any case, I've compiled them together as I'm a firm believer that effective composition and editorial design can improve cognition, and help audiences understand and engage with the content at hand.
FARM Cultural Park
Favara (Sicily), Italy  |  2021

~ Client: Andrea Bartoli
~ Brief: After conducting an on-site physical and cognitive accessibility analysis, design a digital presentation with the findings.
~ Solution: Digital editorial design.
~ My role: Analysis and assessment (content / in collaboration: Italian translation), photography, concept and design.

Mexico City, Mexico  |  2013 - 2019
~ Brief: Maintain clear brand identity and friendly tone of voice throughout all communication materials by providing user-friendly healthcare information in a visually appealing manner.
~ Solution: Infographics, marketing collateral (print and digital), presentations.
~ My role: Concept, graphic design.

Mexico & LATAM  |  2016-2017
~ Brief: Evolve new brand guidelines into marketing materials that can achieve more transparency throughout internal communication of the Group's companies, whilst also providing clients with market knowledge.
~ Solution: Editorial as marketing collateral (printed brochures and digital workbooks), infographics, presentations and briefs.
~ My role (in collaboration): Concept, creative direction, graphic design, copy, team management.