The converging point between digital design and graphic design should be the user, your audience as the center from which you create and convey an idea.  Evoking emotions and helping create and/or grow brand awareness and affinity, should be the purpose of any effective design, no matter the media.
Wellness A2Z
Luxembourg  |  2022

~ Client: Arna Zhakudayeva
~ Brief: Portray a very unique coaching style to both individuals and corporate markets, through the design of various digital elements for this new professional business created by an experiences HR Manager and life coach.
~ Solution: Logo design, digital brand book development, one-page website, LinkedIn profile
~ My role: Graphic design and copy.

Berlin, Germany  |  2021

~ Case Study
~ Brief: What makes our products so unique? Design of different digital materials to promote sales for three distinct lines of products.
~ Solution: Landing page, CRM (newsletter) and social media ads (performance tests).
~ My role: Graphic design and copy.
Italy, Brazil, United States  |  January - May 2022
~ Volunteer Work
~ Brief: Redesign of a product-specific website through better UI and UX, to promote sustainable tourism.
~ Solution: Landing page and website redesign.
~ My role (in collaboration): Graphic design and UX.