With design, management and humanities at my core, as well as a profound love and background in theater and dance, every project I passionately work in - be it creative, cultural, artistic, social or educational - gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.  I believe true inspiration comes from action, so being a hands-on leader enables me to be a facilitator. I give voice to a team, through valuing their perspectives and opinions, developing trust and cooperation, whilst mentoring each individual to unlock their abilities and achieve full potential. 
On Joy
Rome, Italy  |  2020
~ Brief: Create the concept, curatorship of artists, graphics and communication, fundraising, production and realization for a (live-streamed) online artistic multi-sensorial event that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had to rapidly change format.
~ Solution: Brand identity, editorial (digital), social media, live event production and streaming.
~ My role (in collaboration): Creative direction, graphic design, copy, video (script, edit and voice over), team management.

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