I have come to the understanding - self-revelation, really - that every design process is personal.  Mine is adaptable and contextual; my approach, creative and strategic.  To me branding is about gaining deep understanding of users, markets, products and services, setting a tone of voice and graphic roadmap for each project, and bringing all to life, to see it grow into its own unique personality.
Giro Concept
Italy, Mexico  |  2023
~ Client: Elizabeth Rodriguez
~ Brief: Create a logo and brand book with specific branding guidelines for a sommelier offering bike rides with wine wasting tours around Tuscany, both in Spanish as well as in English, to be able to further develop into guides with routes and recommendations. 
~ Solution: Brand Book design and development, plus editorial design for the first two digital guides.
~ My role: concept, graphic design, development of brand guidelines, editorial design, bilingual proofreading.
LegAi - © Université du Luxembourg
Luxembourg  |  2022
~ Client: University of Luxembourg
~ Brief: Redesign the logo and create a full branding voice to give a more professional and cohesive look to this start-up, an app combining law and artificial intelligence to hep SMEs with GDPR compliance.
~ Solution: Logo redesign, brand book design and development, social media profile, flyer and infographic.
~ My role: graphic design, visual strategy.
Italy, Brazil, United States  |  2022
~ Volunteer Work
~ Brief: Create a brand book and specific branding guidelines for a non-changeable logo design, to give a more professional look to the start-up, as well as a more coherent/cohesive image throughout all communications.
~ Solution: Brand Book design and development.
~ My role (in collaboration): development of brand guidelines, graphic design.
Valle de Bravo, Mexico  |  2021 - 2022
~ Clients: Co-Founders Sergio Carranza, Isaac Mareyna y Maximiliano Riveron.
~ Brief: Create a brand for a new design and architecture project center that is elegant and recognizable, like a signature, yet simple enough to be easily seen and 'marked' onto a number of applications, including furniture.
~ Solution: Branding (logo, color palette and typography, e-signature, recycled stationery applications).
~ My role: Concept and graphic design.
Florence, Italy  |  2021 - 2022
~ Personal project.
~ Brief: Create a simple yet highly recognizable brand for a new Instagram professional profile that can grow out of social media and into other platforms/media.
~ Solution: Branding (logo, color palette, typography and uses), social media, photography (assistance).
~ My role (in collaboration): Concept, graphic design, social media strategy and management, art direction.

Mexico City, Mexico  |  2016 - 2021
~ Client: Alejandro Arzate, CEO.
~ Brief: In the midst of constant business and law changes, on-going branding and collateral design for a Human Resources consultancy firm.
~ Solution: Brand identity, marketing collateral (print and digital), presentations, briefs, social media posts.
~ My role: Concept and graphic design.